Dinaric Haplogroup Tree (02/2018)

  Classification of haplogroup I2a1b2 (L621) called Dinaric according to the ISOGG standard

If a hollow or asterisk appears in the haplogroup designation, for example, I2a1b2a1a1a1a ~, I-Z16971 *, I2 *, this means a temporary place in the classification for those tests that do not have their “branch” in the classification. This is because there are too few tests for newly discovered mutations to create a new subclade.

Source: Yfull, FamilyTreeDNA, Eupedia, ISOGG

I2a-Dinaric Haplogroup Tree¬† in the author’s version

Simplified proprietary nomenclature under I2a-Dinaric has been introduced by adopting the abbreviation Din for I2a1b2a1a1 (I-Y3120), and for subsequent subclades within Din letters and numbers added to Din corresponding to the ISOGG classification, e.g. DinA, DinB, DinB1a etc. Haplogroup author of this the study has the symbol according to ISOGG I2a1b2a1a1a1a2 or according to SNP I-A2423. However, according to the simplified method of determination, it is DinA1a2. Using this method is convenient because it contains information from the ISOGG classification and at the same time is easy to use.


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