I2a-Dinaric, subclade Y3120

I2a-Dinaric Y3120    DinA    DinA1    DinA2    DinA3    DinB    DinC


Frequency of I2a-Dinaric
Frequency of I2a-Dinaric
I2a-Dynaric population and frequency per country
I2a-Dynaric population and frequency per country

Almost half of the I2a-Dinaric population is in Russia and Ukraine. The dinaric countries (former Yugoslavia) are 15%. In Western Europe, 5% of the I2a-Dinaric population lives, mainly Italy and Germany, as well as Belgium and Spain. The latter is probably the remains of Vandals migration. The population in these countries ranges from 100 to 300 thousand men with hg Dinaric.

It seems that the homeland of the haplogroup Din (Y3120) are the historical Black Sea steppes from Romania through Ukraine to the Volga. From these areas, genetic migration was to the west, to Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. The second migration route would be from Romania to the Hungarian Plain. The third is from the north to Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Slovenia. All these YDNA migrations were no more than 2,500 years ago.

Subclads of haplogroup Dinaric

The tables show the main subgroups of hg Dinaric. The dominant ones are DinA, DinB and DinC.


The map shows the share of individual subclades by countries. When comparing this with distribution in the whole region, the most similar distribution occurs in … Poland and Belarus.

You can also distinguish areas of similar distributions:

Northern – Poland, Belarus, Ukraine – advantage DinA2, DinA3, DinB
Eastern – Russia – advantage DinA3, DinB
Central – Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovenia, Romania
Southern 1 – Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Serbia – absolute domination of DinA3
Southern 2 – Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia – a large share of DinA3 and DinC



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